New York Renewable Energy Plan Problematic

by · April 8, 2013

According to Bloomberg,  a recent proposed plan by a Cornell University to transition of off fossil fuels entirely by 2030 would cost hundreds of billions of dollar; casting doubt on the feasibility of the proposal.   Aside from the financial roadblocks, there would be practical challenges to implementing a plan such as that laid out in the Cornell proposal.  Specifically, 13% of New York state’s land mass would have to be dedicated to wind turbines.


From  Bloomberg:

“The offshore wind turbines would cover an area of about 4,903 square miles, and onshore machines would cover a further 1,000 square miles, according to calculations based on Bloomberg New Energy Finance data for how much space each turbine would occupy. By comparison, New York City covers 305 square miles, and the state about 47,200 square miles.”

New York has dealt with high electricity prices recently as the state’s electricity providers are struggling to squeeze out profits with tight margins between  wholesale and retail rates for electricity rates.

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