Category : Deregulation

29 Aug

Texas Industrial Electricity Users Want to Opt Out of Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor fee

by electricityratewatchdog

More commercial electricity customers in Texas are seeking the ability to opt out of the states controversial Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor fee.  The fee is designed to fund energy efficiency programs in the state of Texas; paying for such …

09 Apr

Compressed Air Electricity Storage Comes to The Texas Panhandle

by electricityratewatchdog

The Statesman has a piece about a plan to build a compressed air electricity storage facility in the Texas panhandle.  Essentially, the facility will make use of wind electricity that is produced overnight when wind turbines generally produce the most …

30 Jan

Electricity Rate Hike Not Going Over Well in Austin

by electricityratewatchdog

There is a storm brewing in Austin Texas over Austin Energy’s proposed electricity rate hikes. 400,000 homes and businesses in the Austin area rely on the electric provider as their only source of electricity.   Although many parts of Texas such …